Programmers Exam Dump - Top 100 Questions

The questions and answers are obtained from the public Stack Overflow CC-wiki data dumps. All questions that existed in past data dumps but are not present in the most current one are considered deleted, and listed here.

Top 100 Questions (by Score)

1240 What should a developer know before building a public web site?
913 I'm graduating with a Computer Science degree but I don't feel like I know how to program.
840 What's your favorite "programmer" cartoon?
831 What is your best programmer joke?
695 Senior programming 'guru' who can't program - should I find a different career?
636 What is the single most effective thing you did to improve your programming skills?
612 How do you clear your mind after a day of coding?
591 What are some funny loading statements to keep users amused?
531 Great programming quotes
527 What good technology podcasts are out there?
415 What do you use to keep notes as a developer?
405 What are five things you hate about your favorite language?
392 What's your favorite "programmer ignorance" pet peeve?
379 Surprise for a programmer on Birthday
376 Keyboard for programmers
368 Why is Git better than Subversion?
366 What's your most controversial programming opinion?
357 What is the best comment in source code you have ever encountered?
341 What real life bad habits has programming given you?
339 What non-programming books should programmers read?
300 What is the one programming skill you have always wanted to master but haven't had time?
279 As a programmer what single discovery has given you the greatest boost in productivity?
273 What PHP framework would you choose for a new application and why?
269 What Easter Eggs have you placed in code?
267 What was "The Next Big Thing" when you were just starting out in programming?
266 Dealbreakers for new programming jobs?
265 Is 4-5 years the “Midlife Crisis” for a programming career?
264 Worst UI You've Ever Used
253 How can you tell if a person is a programmer?
253 Anti-Joel Test
247 Perks for new programmers
222 How to hide Thinking at Work so that the Non-Programmers don't suspect Slacking?
218 Confessions of your worst WTF moment
217 What should every programmer know?
215 What are the best RSS feeds for programmers/developers?
213 How to deal with a program that has become self aware?
211 What code would you have on your wedding cake?
211 How do I move the turtle in LOGO?
197 What's the most egregious pop culture perversion of programming?
196 What things didn't you know you needed but are now very glad you have?
192 How can I get addicted to programming?
178 One piece of advice
178 I need this baby in a month - send me nine women!
173 What coding mistakes are a telltale giveaway of an inexperienced programmer?
167 Best Java book you have read so far
166 What is your favorite "programmer" t-shirt?
164 What is your solution to the FizzBuzz problem?
163 What are the best programming and development related Blogs?
162 How Can I Know Whether I Am a Good Programmer?
158 What's your take on the programming language Go?
157 Should I just give up on programming?
156 Biggest performance improvement you've had with the smallest change?
146 What is negative code?
141 What bug tracking software do you use?
140 What is the most important thing you weren't taught in school?
138 What is your motto as a Developer/Programmer?
138 How to become a "faster" programmer?
136 What was your first home computer?
136 How did you get your first programming job?
135 Programmers' last words
134 Alternative to Annoying Captcha in Forms: How to SMELL the difference between a Human Customer and a Spammy Robot?
130 What are things that make a programmer's life miserable?
128 What are the worst working conditions you have written code in?
122 Firefox add-on to simulate slow internet connection or limit bandwidth?
120 Most shameful/awesome language hack
119 Essential Programming Tools
118 Windows Azure vs Amazon EC2 vs Google App Engine
115 XKCD - Random Number
114 What is the worst interview question?
114 What Features Do You Want To See in .NET 5/C# 5?
113 Does the D programming language have a future?
113 As a programmer, what are some telltale signs that you're about to get fired or laid off?
110 Computer Language puns and jokes
110 What's Your Favorite Harmless Computer Practical Joke?
109 What is the best UI you've ever used?
109 Is the "loband" version of MSDN preferable?
107 "Plumber" Programmers vs. Computer Scientists
106 Most wanted feature for C# 4.0?
106 Programmer, not a blogger
103 Most Astonishing Violation of the Principle of Least Astonishment
102 Programming with ADD/ADHD
101 When did you know it was time to leave your job?
101 How to develop a career path for programmers in a small company?
97 Best Format for a Software Engineer's Resume
96 Are there any famous one-man-army programmers?
91 Defend zero-based arrays
90 How many people disable JavaScript?
89 Humor in code
89 What pronoun should your application use when addressing the user?
88 How do you educate your teammates without seeming condescending or superior?
87 What does your ~/.gitconfig contain?
87 Am I an idealist?
86 Best Scrum tools
86 Have I taken a wrong path in programming by being excessively worried about code elegance and style?
85 How do you track your hours?
85 What is your "best friend" as a programmer?
82 What software for your own personal use did you write?
81 Why do people think functional programming will catch on?
79 Career Day: how do I make "computer programmer" sound cool to 8 year olds?
78 What development book made the most impact on you as a developer?