View on Certification Exams

Certifications are clearly designed as a money making proposition for the company offering them and be honest in a lot of peoples opinion are just not applicable to their daily job not to mention they can always read up on any area they need assistance in. Too often they have to retake one of several obligatory tests even though they remain in the field. The most common criticism I'll list below but even people that legitimately earned their initial credentials now resort to dumps for their recerts.
Most certs expire too quickly given the time and expense necessary to learn the information and answer the way a vendor want you to answer which often is not the best answer but it is the answer they want. Costs to take the exams and get the required prep materials are no small burden often in the $150- $300 range (for the test only not the study materials) lot of companies have reduced their education budgets, so that expense falls to the employee.

Very often the tests are just too proprietary, which is one of the reasons that the cert is so short lived version 2.0 and 3.0 are just around the corner. Which will mean another certification is too. Making it hard to keep up. Because the questions change so frequently (partially due to brain dumps rarely due to some technology/significant change) one can't help but logically deduce that their is no real core information that they feel is vital to your knowledge. As a result, you may be asked about obscure things that have no relevancy to your basic understanding of the subject matter. This turns into the guess the question game and to be frank is the real reason brain dumps exist in the first place. This by far this is the most common complaint. Certs are not this way at all unless you ask someone who recently has taken it you will have no idea what will be asked other than know the answer is in that 300-500 page official overpriced guide they sold you to prep. In 3-4 months that same cert will likely have less than 25% of the same questions. It is a ridiculous notion not to have any test that isn't largely composed of relatively stable core competency questions with some additional questions that change with updated versions.

Lastly, it became painfully obvious this has become a method of generating perpetual income for the vendor, as often times the initial sale of the product would be all the sales they could garner otherwise because company's were not going to update their software perpetually.