What are Brain Dumps or Exam Dumps?

Brain dumps are actually test questions that were obtained by people going into the test and either recording the questions some how, or memorizing them and writing them down.

Now, why are they looked down upon in IT?

Because dumps contain actually test questions, people can study the questions and memorize the answers to the exam. Then take the test and pass, without putting in the effort. Then these people go out into the world and interview for jobs. Two things then can happen, they fail at some of the basic tasks that a lot of certs will cover. Then Managers, Other Employees will see that they have these certs, but don't actually know anything. So the next time they see someone with the cert, they might remember that it didn't work out last time and will think less. This is what we mean by devaluing the cert.

Another thing with brain dumps is they actually are against the law. Believe it or not, test questions are covered by copyright and the certification authority owns it. So when you buy brain dumps, you are buying copyrighted material.

Now, can brain dumps be useful as a learning tool. I say yes. Because they are a bank of questions and are the most closely (obviously) to the real exam. Some practice exams do not simulate the real exams very well. While the practice test helped me gauge my knowledge for the exam, the question format was no where near what it was on the actual exam. However, one issues with dumps is there is no way to know if the answers are correct. So you could be learning the wrong information.