What are the possible drawbacks of getting a Part-time MBA?

Well, for starters, most part time MBA students are not eligible to avail the On Campus Recruitment service. Now that may not be as important given the fact that these students are already with jobs. However the chances of shifting careers, or jobs, become de streamlined.

There is also a general sense of unwantedness in Investment Banking and Consulting Firm companies. Their recruiting processes are quite rigorous and they usually offer jobs to successful interns.

And internship is yet another facility usually unavailable to PTs. They are usually employed in finance, wealth management and other sectors. So if you are specifically targeting a Wall Street banking career, then PT might not be the right move for you.

Also to keep in mind is that recruiters often rely on the traditional highly selective admissions process that full timers are subjected to. Compared to that, part time MBAs are much less selective about their enrolment.

But these are highly unmeasurable and subjective reservations. There are also quite a few people, among recruiters, who know what kind of candidate, they want, and are able to easily filter them out, irrespective of whether a degree was obtained before or after sunrise. In other words evaluate your situation against your goals.

The final, more personal, disadvantage of enrolling in a part time MBA study is the huge onus on time management. Most of these students are working professionals, with a family and other responsibilities. Factoring in all of them, it is hard to downplay the significance of time. So if you are looking to attend evening classes, you may need to organize your life for everything else, while keeping yourself from burning out for the duration of the course.