CEH 312-50 Exam Dump

Question: 1
What is the name of the software tool used to crack a single account on Netware Servers using a
dictionary attack?
A. NPWCrack
B. NWPCrack
C. NovCrack
D. CrackNov
E. GetCrack
Answer: B
NWPCrack is the software tool used to crack single accounts on Netware servers.

Question: 2
How can you determine if an LM hash you extracted contains a password that is less than 8
characters long?
A. There is no way to tell because a hash cannot be reversed
B. The right most portion of the hash is always the same
C. The hash always starts with AB923D
D. The left most portion of the hash is always the same
E. A portion of the hash will be all 0's
Answer: B
When loosheets at an extracted LM hash, you will sometimes observe that the right most portion
is always the same. This is padding that has been added to a password that is less than 8
characters long.

Question: 3
Several of your co-workers are having a discussion over the etc/passwd file. They are at odds
over what types of encryption are used to secure Linux passwords.(Choose all that apply).
A. Linux passwords can be encrypted with MD5
B. Linux passwords can be encrypted with SHA
C. Linux passwords can be encrypted with DES
D. Linux passwords can be encrypted with Blowfish
E. Linux passwords are encrypted with asymmetric algrothims
Answer: A, C D
Linux passwords can be encrypted with several types of hashing algorithms. These include SHQ,
MD5, and Blowfish.

Question: 4
What are the two basic types of attacks?(Choose two.
A. DoS
B. Passive
C. Sniffing
D. Active
E. Cracsheets
Answer: B, D

Question: 5
Sniffing is considered an active attack.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B
Sniffing is considered a passive attack.

Question: 6
When discussing passwords, what is considered a brute force attack?
A. You attempt every single possibility until you exhaust all possible combinations or discover the
B. You threaten to use the rubber hose on someone unless they reveal their password
C. You load a dictionary of words into your cracsheets program
D. You create hashes of a large number of words and compare it with the encrypted passwords
E. You wait until the password expires
Answer: A
Brute force cracsheets is a time consuming process where you try every possible combination of
letters, numbers, and characters until you discover a match.

Question: 7
Which of the following are well know password-cracsheets programs?(Choose all that apply.
A. L0phtcrack
B. NetCat
C. Jack the Ripper
D. Netbus
E. John the Ripper
Answer: A, E
L0phtcrack and John the Ripper are two well know password-cracsheets programs. Netcat is
considered the Swiss-army knife of hacsheets tools, but is not used for password cracsheets

Question: 8
Password cracsheets programs reverse the hashing process to recover passwords.(True/False.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

Question: 9
What does the following command achieve?
Telnet <IP Address> <Port 80>
A. This command returns the home page for the IP address specified
B. This command opens a backdoor Telnet session to the IP address specified
C. This command returns the banner of the website specified by IP address
D. This command allows a hacker to determine the sites security
E. This command is bogus and will accomplish nothing
Answer: C
This command is used for banner grabbing. Banner grabbing helps identify the service and
version of web server running.

Question: 10
Your lab partner is trying to find out more information about a competitors web site. The site has a
.com extension. She has decided to use some online whois tools and look in one of the regional
Internet registrys.
Which one would you suggest she looks in first?
E. AfriNIC
Answer: B