Cisco Networking Exam Dump

Question 1
Which router can be used for disk-in-access to the router CLI management purposes and does not usually pass normal network traffic
B. Gigabit Ethernet
C. Fast Ethernet
D. Channelized serial
Answer A

Question 2
Which two pieces of information does the show ip interface brief command display (Choose two)
A. Encapsulaton type
B. Interface status
C. Layer 2 address
D. Layer 3 address
E. Keep alive
Answer B,D

Question 3
The pins and RJ-45 are numbered from 1 through 8. With the material points of the plug facing toward you, pin 1 is the lefmost pin. Which two sets are looped on an RJ-45 T1 loopback plug (Choose two)
A. Pins 1 and 4
B. Pins 1 and 7
C. Pins 2 and 5
D. Pins 2 and 8
E. Pins 1 and 5
F. Pins 2 and 7
Answer A,C

Question 4
What are two ways to open Microsof Notepad on a Windows-based computer(Choose two)
A. Start > Run Enter Notepad and 'Ink OK
B. Start > Control Panel > Notepad
C. Start > All Programs > Notepad
D. Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad
E. Start > All Programs > Microsof Ofce > Notepad
Answer A,D

Question 5
Which three of the following statements are true (Choose three.)
A. Each IP address has two parts: a network ID and a host ID
B. An IP subnet equals a broadcast domain.
C. An IPv4 address contains 36 bits
D. is a Class A address
E. A subnet address is created by borrowing bits from the original host ID
Answer A,B,E

Question 6
Which of the following is a DTE device
A. router
C. cable modem
D. DSL modem
Answer A

Question 7
Which two of the following statements are true about a switch (Choose two)
A. It is a repeater.
B. It is a data link layer device.
C. It will forward the frame out all ports when it receives a broadcast from a host.
D. It reads the destnaton MAC address to forward trafc out the appropriate port.
E. It acts as an amplifer.
Answer B,D

Question 8
Which of the following best describes the cable that is used to connect a laptop to an Ethernet port on a Cisco router
A. Crossover
B. Straight-through
C. Fiber
D. Rollover
Answer A

Question 9
Which type of cable us used on the ATM card
A. Fiber-optc BNC
B. Coaxial
C. Serial
D. Crossover
Answer B

Question 10
What are two features that are associated with single-mode fiber-optc cable (Choose two.)
A. a single strand of glass fiber
B. carries higher bandwidth than multimode fiber
C. cost is less than multmode fiber
D. operates over less distance than multmode fiber
Answer A,B

Question 11
Into which port do you insert the card
B. Gigabit Ethernet
C. Serial
D. Ethernet
Answer B

Question 12
Which layer of the IOS model defnes how data is formated for transmission and how access to the physical media is controlled
A. Physical
B. Data link
C. Network
D. Transport
Answer A

Question 13
Which type if memory is used to permanently store the Cisco IOS sofware
A. Flash
Answer D

Question 14
What is the default operatng mode you are initally logging into a router
A. global configuration
B. privileged EXEC
C. ROM monitor
D. user EXEC
Answer D

Question 15
Which two of the following are component of WAN connection (Choose two)
A. router
B. switch
D. Hub
E. Bridge
Answer A,C

Question 16
A null modem cable uses which adapter type
A. RJ-11
B. RJ-45
C. RS-323
D. RS-232
Answer C

Question 17
TFTP is a simple protocol files, such as a Cisco IOS or configuration file, from one device to another. Which device cannot be configured to be used as a TFTP server
A. Cisco router
B. Cisco switch
C. Computer
D. Modem
E. Cisco wireless LAN
Answer D

Question 18
Which command sends an echo request packet to the largest host and then waits for an echo response message
A. telnet
B. connect
C. access
D. echo
E. ping
Answer E

Question 19
Which address facilitates the routing of packets over an IP network
B. transport
C. network
D. physical
Answer C