Citrix 1Y0-370 : Exam Dump

Question No : 1
Which connection type is used when WorxWeb for iOS is configured to use Secure Browse mode?
A. Full VPN
B. Micro VPN
C. STA Tunnel
D. Clientless VPN
Answer: D
Question No : 2
What is the recommended procedure for reverting an App Controller high availability (HA)
pair to a previous snapshot?
A. Import the snapshot to the secondary node, import the snapshot to the primary node
and restart the primary node.
B. Disable high availability, shut down the primary node and import the snapshot to the
secondary node, start the primary node.
C. Disable high availability, shut down the secondary node and import the snapshot to the
primary node, restart the primary node.
D. Shut down the secondary node, import the snapshot to the primary node, and restart the
primary node, start the secondary node.
Answer: D
Question No : 3
Scenario: Users in an organization use WorxMail on their mobile devices for email access.
A Citrix Engineer needs to configure NetScaler and App Controller to allow these users to
stay connected to email for long durations without prompting re-authentication.
What should the engineer configure to meet the requirements of the scenario?
A. Micro VPN
B. Single Sign-on
C. Client certificate
 D. Secure Ticket Authority
Answer: D
Question No : 4
Scenario: An organization has decided to implement a ‘bring-your-own-device’ (or ‘BYOD’)
policy. To support the BYOD initiative, the organization is in search of a mobile device
management solution. The primary business driver for the solution will be to provide IT with
control of mobility resource provisioning and de-provisioning for terminated users, as well
as the ability to perform a selective wipe on lost devices.
Which component should be included in the deployment to meet the needs of the solution?
A. StoreFront
B. Worx Home
C. NetScaler Gateway
D. XenMobile Device Manager
Answer: D
Question No : 5
Which three prerequisites must be met to deploy XenMobile Device Manager in a high
availability configuration? (Choose three.)
A. IIS installed and configured on two web servers
B. VIP or host name configured on a load balancer
C. SSL Session Persistence on ports 443 and 8443 on the load balancer
D. SQL Server Database accessible from both nodes of the high availability pair
E. PostgreSQL database accessible from both nodes of the high availability pair
Answer: B,C,D
Question No : 6
Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to use the XenMobile Device Manager (XDM) server to
enroll and manage 200 iPad devices. During the installation of the XDM server, the Enable
iOS option is NOT selected.
How could the engineer now enable this mode of device management for the iPad
A. Use an MDX policy.
B. Run the iOSenable utility.
C. Re-enroll the iPad devices.
D. Use the XenMobile Device Manager console.
Answer: B
Question No : 7
Scenario: The installation of a XenMobile Device Manager server fails on the last step. The
following error message is displayed:
"Configuration Failed"
What could have led to this error?
A. The correct Java JCE files have NOT been updated.
B. A license server for XenMobile Device Manager does NOT exist.
C. The IIS rule is installed on the XenMobile Device Manager server.
D. A database server for XenMobile Device Manager does NOT exist.
Answer: A
Question No : 8
Which URL could a Citrix Engineer use to connect to an App Controller appliance while in
the process of configuring the appliance for the first time?
Answer: B
Question No : 9
A Citrix Engineer is setting up NetScaler for the first time and needs to configure NetScaler
Gateway as part of a XenMobile solution.
Which two pieces of information will the engineer need in order to allocate the universal
license properly? (Choose two.)
A. The number of mobile users
B. The Host ID of the NetScaler
C. The number of mobile devices
D. The Host name of the NetScaler
Answer: A,D
Question No : 10
Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to add as a Subnet IP (SNIP) through the
NetScaler command-line interface. The SNIP will be used to provide connectivity to devices
on another subnet. Management access is required through the SNIP.
Which command should the engineer use?
A. add ns ip -type snip -mgmtaccess ENABLED
B. add ns ip -type SNIP -mgmtaccess ENABLED
C. add ns ip -mask -type SNIP -mgmtaccess ENABLED
D. add ns ip -type SNIP -ssh ENABLED -restrictaccess
Answer: B
Question No : 11
When joining additional servers to an on-premise StorageZone environment, which URL
should a Citrix Engineer use for the Primary Zone Controller field/entry?
A. http://<primary server IP address>/ControlPoint
B. http://<primary server IP address>/PrimaryZone
C. http://<primary server IP address>/ConfigService
D. http://<primary server IP address>/PrimaryConfig
Answer: C
Question No : 12
A Citrix Engineer is integrating a Microsoft Certificate Authority server with the XenMobile
Device Manager to provide certificate-based authentication for Wi-Fi.
Which iOS policy must the engineer configure to deploy the certificate to devices?
B. iOS Certificate
C. iOS Credentials
D. iOS App Configuration
Answer: C
Question No : 13
A Citrix Engineer needs to load balance enrollment requests from Apple iOS devices.
The engineer should implement an SSL Offload virtual server using __________ protocol
and port __________. (Choose the correct set of options to complete the sentence.)
A. SSL; 443
B. TCP; 443
C. SSL; 8443
D. TCP; 8443
Answer: C
Question No : 14 
A school has a pool of mobile devices that students use on premises for coursework.
How could a Citrix Engineer configure XenMobile Device Manager to warn the user when
the device is taken off campus?
A. Deploy a Roaming Configuration policy.
B. Issue a Locate from the Device Security menu.
C. Enable Tracking from the Device Security menu.
D. Set the Geo-fencing options in a Location Services policy.
Answer: D
Question No : 15
Which two policies should a Citrix Engineer add to a deployment package to set the status
of a user's device to Out of Compliance and notify the engineer whenever a user installs a
blacklisted application on an enrolled device? (Choose two.)
A. App Lock
B. Restriction
C. Automated Actions
D. Applications Access
Answer: C,D
Question No : 16
Which two settings could a Citrix Engineer configure during Express Setup on the App
Controller console? (Choose two.)
A. License file
B. NTP Server
C. DNS Servers
D. HA Peer address
Answer: B,C
Question No : 17
Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to provide users with remote access to SaaS
applications managed by XenMobile. Users will access the applications on their mobile
devices through Worx Home.
Which two options should the engineer configure in the session profile on the NetScaler?
(Choose two.)
B. Clientless Access ON
D. Single Sign-on to Web Applications DISABLED
Answer: A,B
Question No : 18
Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is working in a XenMobile proof-of-concept environment, which
has a single-hop DMZ. The engineer needs to integrate XenMobile Device Manager with
XenMobile App Controller for internal testing purposes.
Which two requirements must the engineer ensure are met in order to successfully
configure this environment? (Choose two.)
A. The Device Manager must be able to resolve the App Controller's Host Name.
B. The App Controller root certificate must be installed on the Device Manager server.
C. Ports 80 and 443 must be opened between the Device Manager and the App Controller.
D. Both the Device Manager and the App Controller must be located on the same network
Answer: A,C