Comptia cv0-001 exam dump

1.Which of the following is MOST important when factoring network level security in a public cloud


A. Ensuring good user experience

B. Ensuring confidentiality

C. Ensuring redundancy

D. Ensuring high availability

Answer: B

2.Which of the following should an administrator implement when connecting the company’s existing

network to a public cloud environment to ensure confidentiality of data that is being transmitted?

A. A proxy server

B. A load balancing solution

C. An IPSec tunnel

D. A server clustering solution

Answer: C

3.An administrator is creating a new VM template and has a requirement that the OS must be hardened.

Which of the following should be performed to harden a guest OS?

A. Encrypt the hard drive

B. Run defrag

C. Rename administrator account

D. Change page file

Answer: C

4.A company has decided to reduce their datacenter size. An administrator for the company has been

tasked to virtualize many of the company’s servers.

Which of the following should the administrator perform to accomplish this goal?

A. P2V

B. P2P

C. V2P

D. V2V

Answer: A

5.An administrator needs to provide Internet access to all internal systems using a single IP address.

Which of the following should the administrator implement?


B. Virtual switching

C. VLAN tagging


Answer: A