Comptia IT fundamentals Exam Dump

Question 1

Which of the following extensions identifies a video file
A. .msi
B. .tar
C. .img
D. .mp4
Answer D

Question 2

Which of the following file formats contain other files within theme (Select TWO).
A. ti
B. dmg
C. png
D. mp3
E. iso
F. fac
Answer B,E

Question 3

Which of the following is performed during WiFi setup on a mobile device
A. Configuring bluetooth pairing settings
B. Configuring email settings
C. Configuring screen lock settings
D. Configuring SSID settings
Answer D

Question 4

Which of the following is a reason that a user might upgrade a video card driver (Select TWO).
A. To decrease the screen resolution
B. To access monitor standby mode
C. To ix an error message
D. To use additional features
E. To adjust the brightness/contrast
Answer C,D

Question 5

When trying to activate the operating system, a user receives a notice that the software is not genuine. Which of the following security threats has occurred
A. Social engineering
B. Phishing
C. Virus attack
D. License theft
Answer D

Question 6

A user wants to purchase a CAD application that requires 8GB of RAM to operate. Which of the following operating system types is required
A. 8-bit
B. 16-bit
C. 32-bit
D. 64-bit
Answer D

Question 7

Which of the following operating systems is MOST likely to be found on a desktop where its primary functions include professional video and audio editing
A. Chrome OS
B. Windows 7 Home
C. Mac OS X
D. iOS
Answer C

Question 8

Which of the following is MOST likely required during installation in order to legally install software
A. Automatic updates
B. Service level agreement
C. License key
D. Antivirus software
Answer C