Data Center Sales Certification Exam Study Guide (DCP-102C)

Sample questions provide a quick look at the type of questions presented on the certification exam.
1. A small-sized business customer needs a power-efficient server that can run several workloads, has a flexible storage configuration, and will occupy minimum rack space.  Which product should be

A.  System x3500 M5
B.  System x3550 M5
C.  System x3650 M5
D.  System x3850 X6

A customer requires more than 100 TB of storage for archival, which would offer both unified file and block storage.  Which storage offering would result in the most cost effective solution for this requirement?

A.  Lenovo GSS Storage
B.  Lenovo V3700 SAN Storage with Windows NAS Server
C.  Lenovo Storage DX8200N powered by NexentaStor
D.  Lenovo Storage S3200

2. Match the correct definition with the network terminology.  

A.  Connects 10 Gigabit components   1.  SFP+
B.  Transceiver cable for in-rack cabling   2.  QSFP+
C.  Low cost copper cables with RJ45   3.  DAC
D.  Connects 40 Gigabit or InfiniBand components  4.  CAT5

3. Lenovo offers a Storage Server fulfilled through the Lenovo Intelligent Cluster that leverages decades of experience and is packaged as an integrated, delivered, and fully-supported solution.  Which technology is included in this offering?

B.  SQL Server
D.  DB2

4. A customer wants to update their System x server with the latest driver.  Which tool meets this need?  

A.  ThinkVantage Update Utility
B.  Configuration Options Guide
C.  ServerProven
D.  Update Express


1. B
2. C
3. A matches with 1 B matches with 3 C matches with 4 D matches with 2
4. C
5. D