Digital Marketing Exam Questions Dump

1 There is no difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web.

2 Digital marketing is the achievement of marketing objectives through the utilization of electronic communication technologies, including mobile devices.

3 ___________ is a potential benefit for the online shopper using the Internet:
 A) Browsing
 B) Security
 C) Convenience
 D) Chatting

4 The unique properties of the Internet and associated technologies have had an impact across the whole of the marketing mix.

5 What is a key benefit of convergence in the digital age?
 A) Being able to carry out several tasks with one product
 B) Being able to have dedicated products for dedicated tasks
 C) Being able to communicate with friends via the internet
 D) Being able to buy online

6 The digital divide is the division between:
 A) ethnic groups.
 B) North America and China.
 C) technology 'haves' and 'have nots'.
 D) rich and poor.

7 Research has found Mobile TV is likely to change our viewing experiences. Which of the following best describes Mobile TV viewing habits?
 A) Extended viewing
 B) Intermittent viewing
 C) Prolonged viewing
 D) Short snacking

8 FTP stands for:
 A) Family target population
 B) File transfer protocol
 C) First transit point
 D) Free television promotion

9 Peppers and Roger identified five I’s to guide online customer-centric strategies. Which one of the following concepts is not included in this guide?
 A) Individualization
 B) Identification
 C) Integrity
 D) Interaction
 E) Independence

10 What is the major impact of the Internet on Price?
 A) It becomes more interactive
 B) It becomes more transparent
 C) It becomes more virtual
 D) It becomes more customized

11 If a company is planning to develop its business online it is important to understand customer channel useage and know the proportion of the target market that -----------------
 A) Buys the company’s products in the High street stores
 B) Buys the company’s products through a catalogue
 C) Uses the online channel for pre-purchase research
 D) Responds to interactive advertising messages

12 Much of online PR is in the form of a __________________
 A) Cookie
 B) Email
 C) Blog
 D) Viral marketing

13 The classification variables of online consumers do not include which of the following?
 A) Income
 B) Education
 C) Race
 D) Privacy

14 In digital marketing planning the value proposition seeks to emphasise the unique advantages created by the use of digital technologies. What is Amazon’s value proposition?
 A) Choice
 B) Convenience
 C) Community
 D) All of the above

15 Which of the following is not a potential source of competitive advantage in digital marketing?
 A) Lower prices
 B) Reduced costs
 C) Reduced product selection
 D) Product customization

16 How might an online marketer measure the amount of traffic through a web site?
 A) Conversion rates
 B) Clickthrough rates
 C) Ratio of time on site to amount spent
 D) All of the above
 E) None of the above

17 Which of the following combination of marketing mix and internet characteristics best applies to NIKE ID ?
 A) Promotion and interactivity
 B) Product and customization
 C) Price and flexibility
 D) Place and virtual

18 The internet has created a virtual market space. Which element of the digital marketing mix is most concerned with this aspect of the internet?
 A) Product
 B) Place
 C) Price
 D) Promotion

19 Which of the following is a limitation of Mobile Marketing?
 A) Wear-in affects response rates
 B) Visually unexciting messages
 C) Time flexible
 D) Does not facilitate growth of the marketing data base

20 Viral marketing is the electronic version of _____________________?
 A) Public relations
 B) Sales promotion
 C) Direct marketing
 D) Word of mouth

21 In online marketing Affiliates act as?
 A) A virtual sales team
 B) A means of bringing customers together
 C) A form of online PR
 D) All of the above
 E) None of the above

22 The character variables for online consumers include which of the following combinations?
 A) Intention to shop and cultural influences
 B) Perceived usefulness and social influences
 C) Privacy and trust
 D) Attitude and lifestyle

23 Which of the following trading partnerships best demonstrates how the internet is creating new types of trading relationships for companies?
 A) Business to business
 B) Business to consumer
 C) Consumer to business
 D) Consumer to consumer

24 Which element of the digital marketing mix can be referred to as dynamic? C Correct, well done. Prices can become dynamic, changing instantaneously in response to demand
 A) Product
 B) Place
 C) Price
 D) Promotion