HPE2-E65 Selling HPE Enterprise Solutions Exam Dump


What is one HPE use case tor empowering a data-driven organization?

A. companies that need a single-pane-of-glass management tool to unify their wired wireless


B. companies that need to modernize their data warehouses with converged systems.

C. Companies that are looking for ways to strengthen their perimeter security measures.

D. Companies that want to migrate network resources to public clouds

Answer: A


How does the elastic Infrastructure as a Service (LaaS) in HPE Flexible Capacity for

Channel benefit customers?

A. I allows them to have the infrastructure capacity that they need but pay only for what

they use.

B. Its on-premises-only worked deployment strategy saves them the expense of deploying

workloads off premises.

C. It provides a public cloud solution, allowing them to migrate their services to an easily

accessible cloud.

D. It allows them to meet their anticipated OPEX needs by prepaying for capacity at

discounted prices

Answer: A


Which customer needs to Improve their data protection?

A. We cannot analyze our data quickly enough to use it as a strategic advantage

B. Users complain because it takes so long to roll out new applications and they don't have

access to the applications they need

C. Users at remote offices are complaining because they cannot access the data they need

at the main office.

D. We are using several backup products at our remote offices and don't know it all our

data is being backed up

Answer: D


What, primarily, is driving the need for customers to transform to a hybrid IT Infrastructure?

A. The guarantee of protecting their data from cyber-attack, regardless of where it is stored

B. An increase in regulations related to securing data accessed by mobile users

C. The decreasing number of users and applications on their current infrastructure

D. The need for applications to run in traditional. mobile, and cloud environments

Answer: D


A mid-sized customer wants to move to the cloud so that they can pay only for the

infrastructure resources they need. Which HPE Services offering offers elastic

Infrastructure as a Service (laaS) tor customers?

A. Datacenter Care

B. Flexible Capacity

C. Datacenter Infrastructure Automation

D. Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI)

Answer: B


CIOs are concerned about the integrity of their data in a cloud environment. How does the

HPE hybrid infrastructure address this concern?

A. HPE provides a one-size fits all implementation, which has been rigorously tested to

guarantee data integrity

B. HPE solutions are designed to store data exclusively on-premises, securely behind the

company firewall.

C. HPE provides a proprietary, single-vendor solution, eliminating security gaps that can

occur with multi-vendor hybrid infrastructure solutions.

D. HPE solutions are designed to protect against the loss or mismanagement of data that

can occur with rapid data growth.

Answer: D


What is one HPE use case for empowering a data-driven organization?

A. Companies that want to migrate network resources to public clouds.

B. Companies that are looking for ways to strengthen their perimeter security measures

C. Companies that need single-pane-of-glass management tool to unify their wired-wireless


D. Companies that need to modernize their data warehouses with converged systems.

Answer: C


What type of cloud is best for customers who need a specific, tightly controlled environment

for their applications?

A. Public cloud.

B. Private cloud.

C. Managed public cloud.

D. Third-party cloud.

Answer: B


What is important to understand as you begin discussing cloud computing with customers?

A. A majority of companies have already created a detailed plan for their migration to


B. A majority of companies are seeking external help in implementing the right cloud


C. Fewer companies are planning to move to cloud solutions than in previous years.

D. Cloud solutions otter a limited number for options tor customers to choose from

Answer: B


Which discovery question best reveals your customer's need for an HPE storageperformance


A. How long do you retain data in storage?

B. Does your current storage meet the performance and capacity trajectory you desire?

C. Do you Know now big your datacenter's footprint IS?

D. What percent of OPEX is spent on maintaining and licensing legacy IT?

Answer: D


What is one way that Hewlett Packard Enterprise services and solutions help to address

the challenges created by the new IT trends?

A. They are designed exclusively for key vertical solutions.

B. They promote a clear separation between traditional IT and the cloud.

C. They give customers the ability to harness the explosion of data.

D. They eliminate the risks created by the shift away from mobility and toward wired


Answer: C


How does Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) differentiate itself against Cisco in the

management solutions space?

A. HPE provides a management framework that supports snap-in modules from other

vendors, including competitors.

B. HPE provides end-to-end converged management with a single-pane-of-glass solution

C. HPE provides a customized management console tor each silo, so customers need to

purchase only the management consoles they need

D. HPE takes a manager-to-manager approach, offering an array of management


Answer: B


What is the HPE 3PAR StoreServ architecture purpose-built to support?

A. High density libraries

B. Traditional infrastructure devices

C. Software-defined networking (SDN) enabled devices

D. Virtualization and cloud

Answer: D