IELTS Speaking Test Dump

What is your full name?
My name is ...
Can I see your ID?
Yes, sure, here it is.
Where are you from?
I'm from [name of city].
Work / Studies
Are you working or studying?
I'm a student, in my final year of a postgraduate course in International Business.

What do like most about your course?

Well, there are a couple of things I can think of; for example, I like the fact that it has a global perspective and that a lot of what I learn applies to any business anywhere in the world nowadays.
Also, it has helped me develop my critical thinking and strategic planning skills immensely.
Although there's a lot of business related theory to learn, there is also a great emphasis on being able to apply such theories and strategies to real life business situations. So it's very practical in its approach.

Is this a popular choice for a career in your country?

Yes, I believe it is. There are about 40 of us on this particular course. I originally studied Business Administration and specialized in Marketing, but International Business seems to have become increasingly popular as a career for young people.
I think that may be due to the fact that it truly does offer you the opportunity to develop an international career, and is not just limited to your own country, as would be the case if you studied law or something which was particular to one country.


Do you like holidays? Why? Why not?

Yes, I do because they give me a chance to relax and switch off for a bit. It's always nice to have a break from the normal routine - especially when a holiday falls on the day after the weekend, which usually means that you have three days away from work or studying.

Even though I like to relax on a holiday, I always try to do something different as well or something which I wouldn't normally have opportunity to do normally, so that I make the most of the day off or days off.

Why do you think people consider holidays to be important?

I suppose one of the main reasons is, as I said, it's a nice break from the normal daily routine. For families it can also be important because it's a time when they can spend more time together, which can sometimes be difficult when everybody is so busy nowadays.

Of course, there are also some holidays which are special, such as Independence Day, and religious festivals, which have a special meaning for many people, so these days are important for cultural reasons, not just because it's a day off from school or work.


What do you normally like to do on weekends?

First, I like to sleep a little later than normal, just because it's more relaxing not to have to get up early like I usually do, but I don't like getting up too late in the day because then I feel like I've wasted some of the weekend.

I also like to have lunch or at least one meal with my parents over the weekend, depending on what I'm doing, and what their plans are. Then, sometimes, I like to visit my grandparents, who live in the next town whenever I have enough time at the weekend. Usually I manage to see them at least every other week at the weekends.

Why do you think many people consider the weekend to be important?

I guess it could be for some of the same reasons that people think holidays are important - the weekends are a change of pace from during the week, and many people get a chance to do things they wouldn't have time to during the week. For example, people play sports, visit relatives, or travel to other places.

People generally have more time at the weekend so they spend more time with people they love or doing things they really like rather than just studying or working. And, of course, it's an opportunity to recharge your batteries before returning to work or whatever you do during the week, feeling more energized and ready to face up to the challenges again.

What would your ideal weekend be like?

Never ending! But seriously, I suppose it would include some time with my friends and family and maybe doing something special such as visiting a new place or trying a new activity with my friends.
It would be interesting, but not too busy to be tiring, and I would like to have enough time to chill and relax too. It's hard to be more exact, because there are so many possible things you could include in a weekend which would be fun.