US All States Clerical Exam Questions Dump

1. Filed numerically, which number would be last?

1. 17566 2. 17569 3. 17823 4. 17821

2. Which number differs from 67774 by one digit only?

1. 67785 2. 67874 3. 67884 4. 68874

3. Filed numerically, which number would be second?

1. 10230 2. 12011 3. 10023 4. 10132

4. Which number differs from 5000213 by two digits only?

1. 5000213 2. 5003233 3. 5012214 4. 5100213

5. Filed alphabetically, which name would be fourth?

1. Kurt White 2. Kyle White 3. Kevin J. White 4. Kenneth White

6. Filed alphabetically, which name would be first?

1. James 2. Jamison 3. Johnson 4. Jorgeson
 2 DIRECTIONS:  The following items are designed to measure the accuracy with which you compare pairs of items.  Determine how many pairs are exact duplicates.  Mark your answer sheet as follows:

Mark choice 1 if one pair is alike. Mark choice 2 if two pairs are alike. Mark choice 3 if three pairs are alike. Mark choice 4 if four pairs are alike.

7. Sandy Clifton                Sandy Clifford Bobby Alice     Bobby Alice Erica Sullivan     Erica Silverston Janice Smith     Janice Smith

8. Clarice Thompson    Clarence Thompson Tom Hillford     Tom Hillford Tommy Dullis     Tommy Dullis Victoria Clementine
    Vicky Clementeen


DIRECTIONS:  The following questions are designed to measure your vocabulary skills.  For each question, choose the meaning of the word that most closely fits the meaning of the sentence. 

9. To say that someone was disheartened means he was 

1. provoked. 2. encouraged. 3. discouraged. 4. lacking courage.

10. If a woman was described as garish, she could also be described as

1. flashy. 2. cooperative. 3. unattractive. 4. overbearing.

DIRECTIONS:  The following questions are designed to measure your ability to read and understand written material.  Base your answers only on the material you have read and not on any prior knowledge you may have.  

11. Although researchers typically are responsible individuals, from time to time they will have  emergencies and not be able to attend meetings.  If you should show up to participate in a study  and the researcher is not there, please go to the psychology office and obtain the proper form for  this situation.  

According to the paragraph, which statement is most correct?

1. The researcher should be called if he does not show up at the designated time within15 minutes. 2. If you cannot attend your meeting with the researcher, call the office. 3. If the researcher isn’t present, stop by the psychology office to fill out a form. 4. If the researcher is not there, students will automatically receive credit for the appointment missed.

12. Vacation requests will only be honored if they are requested two weeks in advance.  If there is  need for vacation, the immediate supervisor must first be notified in writing.  When requesting vacation, employee name, employee number, and dates requested should be included.  Omitting any of this information could result in the delay of a response.  Upon reviewing the request, the immediate supervisor will then check other schedule requests.  Available vacation time will also be calculated to ensure individual availability of the hours requested.  Submission of a vacation request is not an automatic approval of hours, just a request.

According to the paragraph,    1. the immediate supervisor will approve all vacation requests upon receiving them. 2. once a vacation request is given to the immediate supervisor in writing, the time off is approved. 3. as long as vacation requests are submitted at least a week in advance, it is considered adequate notice. 4. responses to vacation requests could be delayed if employee’s name, employee number, and dates requested  are not included