US Visa Interview Exam Dump

Typical Interview Questions (6-8 questions)

Introduction questions/ Comments (1 Q)

1. Greeting Message (Hi, how are you doing) 2. What’s the purpose of your visit? 3. F1 student, which University are you headed to?  4. Which program are you going to?  5. Why are you going to US?

School & Program (2 questions)

1. Why this University?  2. How many Universities have you applied?  3. Why did you select this particular University?   a. What did you find interesting about this University?  b. How did you chose this University  c. How did you apply  4. How many admits?  5. Why this particular University?  6. Which program, Why this particular program?  7. What’s the scope of your program?  a. what is your specialization or Tell me some thing about your Specialization  b. Are you on touch with any professors in your area  8. What type of jobs do you do in this program?  9. Do you know where your University is located? 

Student (2 questions)

1. Show me your BE Mark sheets and Provisional Certificates  2. What’s your academic Percentage? a. Do you have backlogs  b. Why lot of backlogs  3. What are your test scores (GRE & TOEFL) 4. Why low in your GRE/TOEFL? 5. When did you graduate  a. When will you finish your program?  b. What were you doing from then?  c. Can I see your experience certificate?  6. What did you do in the last one year (Earlier Pass out’s only)?

Sponsor (2 questions) 

1. Who is your sponsor  2. What is he? What’s is his income  3. Can I see your CA statement? 4. How are you going to meet your expenses?  5. Do you have some supporting documents about his income?  6. Can you support your entire education  7. How much savings do you have / Can you show me your statement 

Conclusion / Other Questions

1. Do you have family in USA? 2. What will you do after finishing masters in USA?  3. Will you come back to India after Masters?  4. Where do you see yourself after 5 years? 5. What will you do if your VISA gets rejected?
Student Specific Questions

1. Low Test Scores

a. Why low scores in GRE & TOEFL? b. How can you cope up with such less proficiency in English?

2. High number of Backlogs  & Low Academics

a. Why these many backlogs?  b. How can you finish your Masters program with these many backlogs and low academics? 

3. Change in Department 

a. Why are you changing your stream (Reason for the change in department) b. Do you have enough knowledge to do a Masters in this field 

4. PhD Students/ Admit in top Universities (top 20)

a. What is your research interest? Or Why this specialization?  b. Which field are you pursuing your research Or what is the scope of your field?  c. Are you in touch with any professors Or Do you have support from your university?    5. Already have Masters in India?  a. You already have a Masters degree in India, why are you going for a Masters Degree again? b. Reason for second Masters?

6. GAP after education, Graduated prior to 2015 (Work Experience)

a. When did you graduate? b. What are you doing from then? c. In which company? Or Do you have some supporting documents?  

7. Father @ Business

a. What kind of business?  b. Do you have any supporting documents related to business?  c. What is his annual income  

8. Father @ retired 

a. How will he support you?  b. Is he working some where now?

9. VISA rejected earlier 

a. Do you have any changes from previous time? b. What was the reason for your rejection last time? c. What did you do since then?  d. What improvements do you have in your documentation 

10. Other questions

a. Married: What about your spouse, will he/she also accompany you?  b. Brother/ Uncle as main Sponsor:  Will they not have any other family commitments? c. Not taken GRE: Why did you not take GRE exam?