Vmware VTSP Exam Dump

Q -What is Fault Tolerance logging? High Availability feature that provides data protection and disaster recovery for the vSphere platform.
Log of the traffic between hosts where primary and secondary virtual machines are running.

Q- What are the requirements for a successful vMotion migration? (Choose three.)
 Virtual machines must be accessible to both source and target hosts. Both source and destination hosts must have compatible processors.
 Dedicated Gigabit Ethernet network must exist between the source and target hosts.
Processors must be from the same vendor class.

Q- What is the maximum number of snapshots that can be related in a linear process for shared and remote virtual machines?

Q- What is the maximum number of NICs that can be supported by a virtual machine?

Q- Which vCenter feature is used by DRS to optimize the allocation of resources among virtual machines based on pre-defined rules that reflect business needs and changing priorities?

Q- What are the benefits of vSphere Replication? (Choose three.)
Consumes minimal network resources through the use of compression.
Retains multiple recovery points for increased protection.
Enables easy configuration and recovery by using VMware vSphere Web Client

Q- Which of these are valid considerations that should be met when creating a template? (Choose two.)
Disable devices and ports that the virtual machine will not use.
Disable the virtual machine BIOS ports that are not required

Q- Which statement best describes a clone?
An exact copy of a virtual machine.

Q- Which High Availability feature provides enhanced protection from APD and PDL conditions on connected storage?
Virtual Machine Component Protection

Q- What is the maximum size of virtual disks that can be considered for hot extending on a virtual machine?

Q-Which High Availability feature allows you to use snapshot based backup tools to back up protected virtual machines?
vSphere Replication

Q- Which of these networking features are supported by vSphere Distributed Switches? (Choose three.)

Q- What is the purpose of Change Block Tracking (CBT) in a vSphere implementation?
Used by VDP to reduce time and bandwidth requirements needed for backup operations.

Q- What is Large Receive Offload with relation to virtual machine hardware?
A technique to aggregate multiple TCP packets into a big single packet.

Q- What is the maximum number of concurrent backup streams that can be supported by the vSphere Data Protection external proxies?

Q- Which vSphere feature would you recommend to ensure automated backup verification-scheduled jobs for recovery of virtual machines in case of data corruption or a major storage failure?
vSphere Data Protection

Q- Which migration method uses the socket buffer resizing technique to allow migrations to succeed when latency across sites is high?
Long distance vMotion

Q-Which of these statements are true about snapshot relationships in a process tree model? (Choose two.)
Each snapshot has one parent.
The last snapshot in the tree has no child.

Q- Which vSphere feature offers the passthrough functionality that can be provided from a single adapter to multiple virtual machines through virtual functions?
Single Root I/O Virtualization

Q- Which High Availability feature allows you to use snapshot based backup tools to back up protected virtual machines?
Fault Tolerance

Q- Which of these statements about virtual machine USB 3.0 xHCI controller is correct? (Choose three.)
It can co-exist with a USB 2.0 controller in the same virtual machine.
It can be added on-demand by editing the virtual machine settings.
It can support Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 OS

Q- Which of these statements are true with regard to the vSphere Replication Appliance? (Choose two.)
It can receive only 100 incoming replications.
It can coordinate with multiple vSphere Replication servers.

Q- What is the minimum license required to use the virtual serial port concentrator which is a key component in the virtual machine architecture?

Q- Which of these statements are true with regard to core virtual machine files? (Choose two.)
Configuration files contain hardware settings for each virtual machine.
Snapshot state file is created each time you take a snapshot.