Comptia Network+ Sample Exam Dump

1. A peer-to-peer network is configured as a star topology with a hub at the center of the star. All of the workstations are identified in sequence starting as workstation1 until workstation 8. One of the cables is disconnected between workstation 4 and the hub at the center of the star. What effect will this have on the network?
A. All workstations will continue to work properly B. All workstations will cease to be able to communicate on the network until the cable is reconnected. C. Workstation 4 will not be able to communicate over the network. D. All workstations from workstation 4 to workstation 8 will cease to communicate on the network.

2. According to the 10BaseT standard, what does the “T” represent?
A. Time To Live (TTL) B. Transmission C. Twisted pair. D. Terminal

3. Which method of communication is used by Ethernet network systems?
A. Token passing B. Broadcast  C. Limited-cast D. Bus communication

4. What does the “CA” represent in the acronym CSMA/CA?
A. Collective Access B. Common Access C. Collision Agent D. Collision Avoidance

5. Identify the connector type in the graphic exhibit.
A. SC B. USB C. RJ-45 D. IEEE 1394

6. What is the main function of a network bridge?
A. To issue IP addresses to workstations. B. To limit network broadcasts based on MAC address. C. To provide security in similar fashion as a firewall. D. To link networks together that use different protocols.

7. How many pins are in a typical RJ-45 connector?
A. 2 B. 4 C. 6 D. 8

8. What is the minimum transmission speed associated with Bluetooth standard?
A. 1 Mbps B. 10 Mbps C. 100 Mbps D. 1000 Mbps

9. What is the maximum broadcast range for an 802.11b standard device?
A. 100 Meters B. 300 Meters C. 500 Meters D. There is no maximum range according to the standard.

10. Which two connector types are commonly used to connect a cable modem to a PC? Select two.
A. RJ-11 B. USB C. BNC D. RJ-45

11. Which cable type is the most susceptible to radio interference?
A. UTP B. Coaxial C. Fiber-optic D. STP

12. What is the maximum data rate for 1000Base-T?
A. 10 Mbps B. 100 Mbps C. 1 Gbps D. 10 Gbps

13. What type of cable is used for 1000Base-CX?
A. Single mode Fiber-optic B. Multimode Fiber-optic C. Twisted Pair Copper D. RG-58 Coaxial

14. Which standard will support the longest run of network cable?
A. 10BaseT B. 100BaseFX C. 100BaseSX D. 10GBaseER

15. Which wire size is the smallest in diameter?
A. 18 B. 20 C. 22 D. 24
16. Which device is used to terminate a T1 connection?
A. CSU/DSU B. Cable modem C. NIC D. ISDN modem