Comptia A+ Sample Exam Dump

1. Which two devices typically connect directly to the IDE0 port on the motherboard?
A. DVD-RW drive B. Keyboard C. HDD D. Video Monitor

2. How much hard disk drive space is required for a typical Windows XP install?
A. 1.5 GB B. 4 GB C. 10 GB D. 20 GB

3. What is the recommended graphics card RAM for Windows Vista Business?
A. Zero B. 128 MB C. 256 MB D. 128 GB

4. When is the PC hardware test first performed?
 A. During the POST. B. When NTloader is run. C. When sector 0 of the hard disk drive is loaded. D. After user logon.

5. An ATX motherboard uses a _____ pin power connector?
 A. 12 B. 16 C. 20 D. 40

6. Which fire extinguisher is most appropriate for a desktop computer fire?
 A. Class A B. Class B C. Class C D. Class D

7. The acronym MSDs represents ________.
A. Main Signal Device System B. Media System  Device Search C. Multimedia Signal Data System D. Material Safety Data Sheet

8. Which type of media is typically used for large data backups?

9. What is the theoretical speed of 802.11G?
A. 5 Mbps B. 11 Mbps C. 54 Mbps D. 1 Gbps

10. What is the generally accepted maximum distance for Bluetooth devices?
A. 10 meters B. 100 meters C. 200 meters D. 1000 meters

11. Which is the best definition of hibernation as related to laptop power consumption?
A. Hibernation is when power to all components on the PC is turned off including the hard disk drive, the display, the CMOS, RAM and CPU to save battery power. B. Hibernation is when the display as well as the hard disk drive is turned off to save battery power but first a copy of the present condition of the computer is saved to the hard disk drive. C. Hibernation is when the display, hard disk drive, keyboard and mouse are turned off to save battery power. D. Hibernation is when the laptop dims the computer display to save energy and then automatically brightens when any key is struck. 

12. Which accessibility option is used to help people with physical limitations that prevent them from holding down two or more keys at the same time such as Ctrl-Alt Del to reboot the PC?
A. Filter Keys B. Toggle Keys C. Persistent Keys D. Sticky Keys

13. How many pins are on a typical VGA cable connector?
A. 5 B. 6 C. 10 D. 15

14. Which type of PCMCIA type is commonly associated with memory cars?
A. Type I B. Type II C. Type III D. Type IV

15. Which item listed below is considered a FRU?
A. CPU B. PCIx slot C. Motherboard CPU  socket D. Power supply capacitor