PMP Test Questions

Test Questions 1. Daniel is managing the development of an ecommerce website for his organization. Daniel enjoys coercive powers and has assigned Julie, a project team member, to facilitate the team meetings. During any team meeting, Julie must? A. Influence team members to support the project manager's decisions B. Support the team members to challenge the project manager's decisions C. Negotiate with team members to achieve the project objectives D. Remain neutral and facilitate the meetings

 2. You are a consulting project manager and have been contracted by an investment bank to run a large information technology project that is expected to last 15 months. During the Direct and Manage Project Work process, you discover that several regulatory requirements have not been addressed in the project management plan. Failure to meet these requirements could result in legal action against the company. However, implementing the technology to comply with these regulations exceeds the budget and scope of the project, and could result in the cancellation of the project. What should you do? A. Submit a change request to incorporate the missed requirements to the project's scope. B. Do not do anything as these requirements are not a part of the scope baseline. C. Request additional funds to implement these requirements. D. This is a classical example of scope creep and such requirements must be ignored.

3. A fundamentally functional organization creates a special project team to handle a critical project. This team has many of the characteristics of a project team in a project organization and has a Project manager dedicated to the project. Such an organization would be called: A. A projectized organization B. A functional organization. C. A strong matrix organization D. A composite organization

 4. As you are creating the Activity List, which technique is recommended for subdividing the project into smaller components called activities? A. Decomposition B. Rolling Wave Planning C. Expert judgment D. Deconstruction