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I am working in IT industry for more than 20 years. To be honest, experience is everything. Certifications will not replace experience and I wouldn’t trust a website, or a person that tells you otherwise. Would you trust your company’s backup and restore strategy to someone without experience? Of course you would not. To be confident you will refer the documentation or guide. Once you are thru with reading the documentation or guide, you will get the confidence in doing the job. Experience plays a key role.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get certified, in fact certifications are incredibly worthwhile. A person who gets certified shows dedication and the willingness to work hard. Companies love employees who can set goals, and have the drive to achieve them. Certifications also demonstrate your level of knowledge. Also having certifications gain trust of your colleagues and customers.
My best advice is to study hard and get the type of training that will teach you the fundamentals. This will enable you to have a long successful career. Grab a good book, take a course, or purchase quality computer based training. I have had really good luck with Practice Tests and Exam Guides or Exam Dumps.

Once you have the necessary fundamentals to do the job and are ready to take the actual test, look for practice tests or the exam dumps to test your knowledge. They are a lot cheaper then paying for an exam twice. Exam dumps are basically the sample questions which gives you an idea of the type of questions which might be asked in certification exams.

If you are looking for practice tests or exam dumps look for those that offer explanations and help improve your skill set not just provide the answers. Review the explanations and use them it to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. You should also look for study material that is reviewed by industry experts to ensure a high-level of accuracy. This is one industry where you definitely get what you pay for.

How to get started?

Well, this largely depends on you. You need to ask the questions to yourself.

 Do you already have experience?
 Are you just starting out?
 Are you trying to switch careers?

⦁ You should start with an honest assessment of your abilities and experience.
⦁ Decide what you want to get out of the certification process and determine what your goal is.
⦁ Review the available certifications that are related to achieving this goal.
⦁ Select high quality, respected study materials that will help develop the required skills necessary to pass the selected certifications.
⦁ Review practice tests and exam dumps to familiarize yourself with the type of questions you will be facing
⦁ Schedule your test at the nearest exam center