Exam Fear


We  have  nothing  to  fear,  but  fear  itself.”    While  the quote was FDR’s, the foundation for it was laid by Sir Frances Bacon, an English Renaissance thinker.  What does this “history minute” have to do with preparing for and taking the exam? 

Everything!   Concentrate on  any  fear  or  distractors  you  may  be  aware  of  for taking the Exam: fear based upon misconception, negative advice, or comments from those who did not pass or found the test “very hard.”

Dictionary dot com  defines DISTRACTOR as “a person or thing  that  distracts  attention.”    Anyone  who  has  taken the exam  can  most  likely  remember  some  of  the  distractors  and  fear  they  may  have  encountered before  &  during  the  exam. People  who  “expressed”  how difficult it was; test anxiety; reading “too much” into  the  questions;  and  trying  to  look  up  too  many answers  are  some  of  the  anxiety-builders  you  may be  experiencing  as  you  consider  applying  to  take  this exam.  Fortunately, fear and other distractors that might have  a  negative  effect  on  your  motivation  will  not  be  enough to keep you from your coveted credentials. On  record,  you  know  that  fear, distractors,  and  other  anxieties  plagued  many  of  these test takers as they prepared for their exams as well, but preparation and goal-setting prevailed.

The  people  who  have  passed,  and  will  pass,  the  exam gave themselves a solid foundation; a foundation built on years of experience and successful accomplishments and  the  memory  of  what  it  took  to  succeed  with  each step forward in their careers.  Allow yourself the right amount  of  time  and  rest  from  studying  to  make  the most of the study time and resources you have at your disposal.

We firmly believe this foundation will give you the confidence and focus you need to overcome the distractors and “fear” you may have about the test. So We  encourage  you  to  set  an  exam  date,  pace  your  exam study and preparation time ... then go confidently into the examination room and success in your exams without any exam fear.